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Ernesto Travel

Incoming Tour Operator

Why with Us?

We are not only one of the most successful tour operator from Poland but also a group of people that enjoy traveling and have traveled all over the Europe. In our every day work we put our passion together with great experience and flexibility. Satisfaction of every single customer is the biggest value for us.
From the very begining one person will fallow all your trip starting with the preparation of your programme till the last day of your trip.

Dagmara Trojan

"Hi, I'm Dagmara. I have been working in Ernesto Travel for 8 years now. I will help you to design the best plan for the trip than I will choose best hotels, transport and some nice food. I will take care of all bookings needed. You can be calm // spokojny that I will choose all services that we have already checked in our comapny and can personaly reccomend them for our customers. In case of any emergency I will be availabe during the whole trip by an emergency number you will get from me. This way evey minor problem or simply some last minute requests will be immediatelly solved.
Don't hasitat and contact me or one of my colleague so we can have conversation about how to start our collaboration. I will be more then happy to answer all your questions."

Where to travel?

Our office is located in the heart of Europe – in Poland that’s way it’s easy for us to book all services everywhere. What is more in our free time we travel a lot and check all personally. Here are some basic programmes you can book with us, of course we would ove to prepare something more if you expectations are different or you want to visit somethng more.

Contact us!

Contact us to get the best possible trip solution, we will prepare tailor made programme for you ar can simply adjust the schem of the trip you already have. Ask us all questions that have came to your mind.